Dance Club SbN je už otvorený:-)
Kurzy organizujeme v štýle otvorených hodín (s výnimkou 2-3 mesačných kurzov). Avšak je potrebné sa na každý kurz prihlásiť cez aplikáciu

Párty v júni: piatky aj soboty  ( nájdete v sekcii Party)

Všetky predplatené permanentky (aj zakúpené cez projekt Štartovač), freak passy platia do konca roka 2021.
Iné otázky píšte priamo Norike:

Talal a Edyta

was born in Fès , Morocco , in 1980. His interest in music appeared already from a very young age. When he arrived in Belgium as a student in the year 2000, he discovered salsa and very quickly became aware of his talent and motivation to invest in it. He joined one of the local dance teams in Brussels and performed with them on local Belgian, but also international events. In 2004 he established his own dance company "Salsa Sunrise " of which he is the director. Since then he works as a professional instructor, performer and choreographer. He created his own style, which is characterized by his passion, energy, and creativity. He teaches salsa in Brussels , both on "1" and on "2", and is known for the effective way in which he teaches the technique of leading and following.


Since early childhood she has had passion for dancing. In the beginning it was cheerleading which taught her jumps, spins and persistance. It has also helped her to gain experience in performing on stage.  Since then she has attended modern and jazz classes. It gave her knowledge about technique of warming up, stretching and movement expression. Then the time came for caribbean rhythms, which involved her. At first it was brazilian samba, reggaeton and finally salsa and bachata. Nowadays she is one of the dancers and solists of Samba Art dance company leaded by Jailson de Oliveira. For two years she danced with Italian dancer - Riccardo Recanati, with who she traveled around Poland and Europe giving workshops and performances (salsa: LA style, NY style, Cuban style; bachata, reggaeton..), which also gave her opportunity to learn from the best salsa instructors from all over the world. She is now cooperating with polish dancer Sandra Guzek. They have created already well known duo Edyta&Sandra and made semi-proffesional ladies team. The group accompanies them when traveling at the numerous European festivals. Their spectacular shows distinguish with a lot of bodymovement and pachanga elements. Recently she has started to cooperate with Talal Benlahsen. Their individual abilities and experience join to create extraordinary mixture. Edyta appreciates versatility. Looking at her dancing you can notice ifluance of other styles such as: zouk, brazilian samba, reggaeton, afro, modern… The most important for her is joy given by dance and she tries to share it with all people around her.