V Dance Club SALSA by Norika  naďalej nemôžu prebiehať naše bežné kurzy formou otvorených hodín/ mesačné kurzy, piatkové párty a iné eventy. 

Všetky predlatené vstupy na kurzy od marca 2020 (mesačné kurzy, permanetky a Freak Passy) vám samozrejme presunieme do konca mája 2021. Iné otázky a prosbičky (napr. vrátenie peňazí) píšte priamo Norike: info@norika.sk


Dance club SALSA by NorikaPártyPártyPárty

Special parties " Party at slow tempo"

  • - excellent mainly for people, who just started to dance salsa
    - ideal for people who dance already from 1 month till 5 months and for all fans of slow speed music :-).
    - taking place for the seventh year (started at the club Fleur, continued in Bar Lounge, Copacabana and in La Fiesta) and are very popular among people
    .... and still continue regulary on Fridays, twice a month in Dance Club SALSA by Norika
    -special party is accompanied with DJ-s from the team Salsa by Norika or our guest
    -music is intentionally known from our lessons, the music may affect less brightly :), but people are happy to listen known music.
    -the presence of some instructors from the team of Norika & Team, who prepare animation for you and are available to help and fulfill your dance needs :-).

Occasional tematic parties in the style of  Bachata, Salsa, Rueda, Old time ect.

  • DJ-guests 
  • animations with guest 
  • promo lesson before party with guest 
  • dance show


Shedule of parties to June 2018