• Najbližšia párty 18.10./ Sensual Heaven
  • V októbri ponúkame okrem bežných kurzov zaujímave špeciálne kurzy(otvorené hod.)
    Cha Cha/pondely o 21:00 od 1,5 roka tancovania salsy, Bachata Lady Style/pondelok 14.10. o 18:00-od 1 roka tancovanie bachaty, Bachata Footwork/2x pondelky 22.10. s 29.10.
  • Vianočna párty 20.12. / Silvester 31.12.


7 tips for "social dancing" 

7 tipov pre „Social Dancing“ we mean no offense ..  you do not have to agree with us .. we write about it on the basis of our many years of experience :-).

 1)Gentlemen, if you see a girl at the dance floor, it is a signal that she wants to dance. Because otherwise they would probably prefer sitting at home in slippers, right? Conversely, you girls know how much it surmounting some guys standing to invite you to come to dance? Enjoy your waiting for a prince on a white horse and "market-Book" and the less perfect dancer. You might be surprised to learn over time.

2) It's really cool that you want to improve the courses and their trial in the party. Just please remember that the party is "social dancing". A couple looks at each dance just as good as it feels good dancer. Gentlemen, it is not necessary to do the partners of "propeller" and for one song catch all learned figures. A little empathy and testing, especially if you dance with someone rarely or even the first time.

3) Each of us is in some stage dancing (Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata), and someone got physical abilities from God and another must try hard to dance on their own feet. Really there is no reason to mock others. Even the awkward fellows can be born dancing star ...

4) No style salsa is more than another. Can we love one another and not, but it's all personal choice. Don't curse someone just because they recognized something else. The important thing is that we all know have fun together, right?

5) Do you know how many monocles and beat-up ankles can save if we considerate to each other? On the floor is full of fine watch not only your partner but also a space - this is a job for a guy. Ladies, if possible don't scatter hands and feet, especially if they are armed with needles or something.
6) Party if the course is not a fashion show, but dance partners and partners in addition we take a pure and fragrant clothes. We chose dance body to body, and therefore shirt to changing clothes is never a bad choice. Like deodorant and mints...no
7) In any business will never tolerate fetched drinks, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Neither drinking water in the toilet is not at all sexy ...

Norika & Team