V Dance Club SALSA by Norika  naďalej nemôžu prebiehať naše bežné kurzy formou otvorených hodín/ mesačné kurzy, piatkové párty a iné eventy. 

Všetky predlatené vstupy na kurzy od marca 2020 (mesačné kurzy, permanetky a Freak Passy) vám samozrejme presunieme do konca mája 2021. Iné otázky a prosbičky (napr. vrátenie peňazí) píšte priamo Norike: info@norika.sk

Cuban Salsa - Pre-intermediate 1 – level 3


January, Pre-intermediate 1 - START ( 4-weeks lesson) from 07.01.-28.01 at 7:00, at 7:00-7:55pm (55min), hall1


January , Pre-intermediate 1   (open lessons) ,

  •  every Tuesday at 8:00-8:55pm (55min), less demanding

Cuban Salsa dance experience 3 months at least , recommendation is to join this lesson for 2-3 months



  • January ( open lessons) , every Wednesday at 7:00-7:55pm (55min) more demanding

Cuban Salsa dance experience 5 months at least, recommendation is to join this lesson for 3-5 months



explanatory notes:

  • the monthly course is the smooth continuation after the course for advanced beginners (2.level)! It is the starting course for the open lessons. The payment method of the monthly course
  • open lessons are the smooth continuation after the monthly course for Pre-intermediate 1! We recommend to practise and add some new variations after 2-4 months , minimum (according to your need)!







What can you learn?

The monthly starting course:

  • The previous course will be practised and the new cuban variations will be added - for the rotating cuba in sombrero and setento. You will learn the figure uno and exibela.

Open lessons:

  • You can learn the basic cuban figures and, at the same time,  all the figures from the monthly course Pre-intermediate 1 will be practised.



Other options we offer


  1. The repeating of the course with 30 % discount! This is valid only in the case, when you do not continue further! It is necessary to write in the application form ( the note ) - The repeating!  
  2. The smooth continuation after the monthly course are THE OPEN LESSONS - Pre-intermediate 1 !
  3. If you are interested to make an effective combination of the course - we recommend the monthly course Bachata 1 ( the course opens occasionaly about every other month).
  4. The smooth continuation after the open lessons is the monthly starting course: Pre-intermediate 2


You have several options how to combine the courses :-)...