• Najbližšia párty 15.11./ Salsa Linia Night & Bachata
  • V novembri ponúkame okrem bežných kurzov zaujímave špeciálne kurzy:
    Salsa con Rumba/pondely o 21:00 (od 1,5 roka prax so salsou), Bachata 5 /4x utorky -mesačný kurz od 5.11. o 21:00 (2 roky prax s bachatou),
  • Vianočna párty 20.12. / Silvester 31.12.



Salsa Linea 1- basics

October / November 2019

  • Salsa Linea ON2 - Pre-intermediate , open lessons : Tuesdasy at 7:00pm, hall 2


  • October / November  /Salsa Linea ON 2  - Pre-intermediate -  open lessons  at 7:00pm - 7:55pm ( 55min) 
  • Price: 



Motivational video:

t is a very elegant style, which we encourage to try -definitely enhance your dance repertoire:-). This style is attractive for you in case the cunban style doesn‘t fit to you - all the move about the shoulders, chest and reggaeton shaking. Then this Puerto Rico salsa is made for you !!!

Partners will gracefully walk and ladies gain more experience in taps and elegant styling of hands.



What can you learn?


  • the basics of the different dance style
  • new playful figures, very easy to dance, more turns for ladies and also for men
    shines (the step motivations out of couple)


Price of the lesson : 56€ per 1 person  for 8-weeks course