• Najbližšia párty : piatok  10.7. / Tančiareň v pomalom tempe
  • Festival  Horúce Tatry 22 (tzv. veľká edícia)/nový termín: 29.10.-1.11.2020



Bachata Lady Styling


- ONLY  20.01. Monday at 6:00pm-6:55pm (55 min.)


Ladies, the whole lesson will be only for you and about you ! Basic steps and figures are already known for you thus we would like to teach you look more womenlike and sexi with confident and how to be different in the movement from the partner without limiting him?



Monday at 6:00pm


as of January 2020

 -  Monday  20.01. ,  open class at 6:00pm- 6:55

 -  price 7 EUR / one time entry, season ticket can be used, but not Freak pass




  • Instructor: Naty 
  • Price :  7 € / one-time entry, season ticket can be used, but not the Freak pass

What you can learn - we will focus on: 

  • Correct posture of the body
  • Body balance
  • Movement of the hips 
  • Footwork

It's recommended:

for ladies-bachateros from the higher Bachata levels 4 and 5!