• Najbližšia párty : piatok  10.7. / Tančiareň v pomalom tempe
  • Festival  Horúce Tatry 22 (tzv. veľká edícia)/nový termín: 29.10.-1.11.2020



Bachata 3


  • open lessons: Mondays at  9:00pm,  hall 2




  • January -open classes at 9:00-9:55pm (55min)
  • Price of the lesson:  open classes 




About the course:

  • the course is the smooth continuation of  Bachata 2 (the monthly course).
  • we recommend to remain 2-3 months!


Open lessons:

  • The minimum of the dance experience at least  5 months ( from level Pre-intermediate 2)


What can you learn?

  • Improving of the body movement is always the base for Bachata classes :-).
  • New figures, new steps motivations, the technique of the leaning.