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Bachata 1

October / November

  • Bachata 1, open lessons: Tuesdays at 9:00 pm , hall2, more demanding






  •  October / November  ,open lesson,  at 9:00-9:55pm (55min), more demanding



What is it Bachata?

  •  It is a sensual and romantic dance performed in a couple, having origin in the Dominican Republic. The dance is usually performed in a slow tempo. As to the patterns, the dance is quite simple, however, the body movements are rather challenging. With Bachata you can enrich your dancing styles at a latino party and at the same time it is a great opportunity to relax and to have a chat with your partner :-)


What can you learn?

  • You can learn basic steps with a partner, correct bopping up and down, body movement and simple variations in pairs. After the series of 5 lessons you will be able to enjoy dancing Bachata.


 The course is suitable after 2 months of salsa dancing:


  • we recommend soonest after the course for advanced beginners (after  2 monthly courses, or later)
  • the course is not suitable for those, who have not been dancing !



About the monthly course:

  • The course opens according to the number of registered persons. The course has the minimum capacity ( 8 couples ) and the maximum capacity ( 20 couples ).
  • During these 4 classes, the newcomers will not join. So we can guarantee the smooth continuation from one class to another.
    • Attention: The lost classes will not be substituted !!! It is not possible to join from the second lesson !