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  • piatok 23.8./ MIX párty (cuba salsa, linia, bachata, kizomba)

Letné novinky formou otvorených hodín:

  • Cha cha 1 celý august - každú stredu o 21:00 (okolo 1 roka), Cha cha 1 celý august - každý pondelok o 19:00 (okolo 2 rokov) ,Bachata Footwork / iba 22.8. (od 1 roka tancovania bachaty)


  • Dance Club bude štvrtok 29.8. zatvorený !
  • Kurzy Stredne pokročilí 2(pondelky o 21:00) a Bachata-štart (utorky o 18:00) sú do konca augusta zrušené!

JJ Pachanga

JJ Pachanga
SALSA, BACHATA, PACHANGA DANCER JJ PACHANGA & Jafé SalsaTeam (Belgium) JJ Pachanga is a dancer who is known for his fancy and fresh style. Born in Kinshasa (Congo), lives in Belgium since 1998. Well known as « Mister nice guy », creative, mixing many style in his choreography (Afro moves, funky, pachanga, ...). He’s have took part in many projects with different artists like Grupo ALAFIA and Terry & Cecile (SalsAlianza). Now, He’s teaching in Belgium spreading his knowledge and great fun. He is also member of « OJ’s Swing », « JaFé » salsa team and « The Alafia LUCUMI Belgium ». Choreographer and all over the world performing ( Russia, Japan, Siberia and all I've European countries) . A real music and party lovers and for sure ideal social dancers.


Alejandra Martínez
is from Spain and she dances Salsa and Bachata.
She started dancing salsa and bachata as a social dancer in Brussels, Belgium. She discovered her passion and decided traveling around Europe to learn with the best salsa and bachata dancers in the world.