• Podporte znovuotvorenie Dance Club Salsa by Norika na  https://www.startovac.cz/projekty/salsabynorika/
  • Festival  Horúce Tatry 22 (tzv. veľká edícia)/nový termín: 29.10.-1.11.2020
  • Od 18.5. ponúkame súkromné hodiny. Od 25.5. malé skupinkové kurzy v priestore (Lady/Men Styling, Footwork, Salsa linea shines atď.)
  • Prvú plánovanú párty sme museli posunúť na  12.júna 2020 /všetky detaili čoskoro :-).



DJ MomoLatino

Can you introduce yourself dj momo Latino?
What I can say about me, the passion for the music was born when I was young and playing also in a Local Radio. The approach to the latin music was born more than 10 years ago when I joined for the first time a Class of Salsa and from that moment didn’t stopped. The passion for dance and for music finally created Dj MomoLatino.

What do you do in life except bachata?
My work life was always related to IT. My knowledge is always related to IT and mainly to Databases.

Can you describe your authentic bachata story?
My approach to the Bachata is the same like most social dancers. I started dancing Salsa and in a party the bachata was sometimes a break between too long sets of Salsa , but i was really fascinated by this kind of music and dance style. In 2012 My big friend was the first one in Roma to introduce the Bachata Sensual and create the first party only Bachata… from that moment it was a real love.

“Bachata can express Happiness”

What do you like in bachata?
I like the Social dance, and think that the Bachata can express the happiness of a social dance very well, but I’m honest when i hear a good salsa… I need to dance.