Najbližšia párty:

  • piatok 23.8./ MIX párty (cuba salsa, linia, bachata, kizomba)

Letné novinky formou otvorených hodín:

  • Cha cha 1 celý august - každú stredu o 21:00 (okolo 1 roka), Cha cha 1 celý august - každý pondelok o 19:00 (okolo 2 rokov) ,Bachata Footwork / iba 22.8. (od 1 roka tancovania bachaty)


  • Dance Club bude štvrtok 29.8. zatvorený !
  • Kurzy Stredne pokročilí 2(pondelky o 21:00) a Bachata-štart (utorky o 18:00) sú do konca augusta zrušené!

Dj Patrick

DJ The.Patrick first meets salsa as a dancer yet in 2007, before he starts playing at parties and festivals in various Austrian cities, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Bratislava and Athens. His passion for dancing is 1:1 reflected in his DJing. Always paying attention to the dancers, his mixture of all different facets of music for crossbody dancers keeps the dancefloor crowded the whole night. Steadily improving his skills and being keen on grabbing new releases for his collection, DJ The.Patrick is without doubt one of the most promising Austrias latin DJs.