• Podporte znovuotvorenie Dance Club Salsa by Norika na  https://www.startovac.cz/projekty/salsabynorika/
  • Festival  Horúce Tatry 22 (tzv. veľká edícia)/nový termín: 29.10.-1.11.2020
  • Od 18.5. ponúkame súkromné hodiny. Od 25.5. malé skupinkové kurzy v priestore (Lady/Men Styling, Footwork, Salsa linea shines atď.)
  • Prvú plánovanú párty sme museli posunúť na  12.júna 2020 /všetky detaili čoskoro :-).



Bachata Passion

By not focusing on only the Bachata Moderna, Sensual or Traditional/Dominican but rather embracing all different Bachata styles, Geno & Steffie have succeeded in creating their own Bachata Passion style with a strong focus on musicality in which all Bachata styles are combined. The result is a combination of quick footworks with beautiful partnerwork, body isolations and sensual movements.

What you will experience in their shows & workshops is that: “Bachata is way more than only 1, 2, 3, tap”. Instead it is a beautiful, passionate, sensual, challenging and very addictive dance!