• Najbližšia párty: piatok  17.7. / Sensual Heaven (bachata&kizomba) -Pozor! Začíname vonku na terase pred klubom už o 19:00-22:00 s DJ jarom (kuba &bachata)
  • Festival  Horúce Tatry 22 (tzv. veľká edícia)/nový termín: 29.10.-1.11.2020



open hours

Please, read carefully:


How open hours work?

  • You need not to register in advance!
  • We suggest that you agree with your friends to join the course even though we usually provide extra help to ensure dancing couples
  • We recommend that you remain in one dancing level long enough until you start to get bored :)
  • You can buy a single ticket or a season ticket on the spot (according to the prices list - open lessons)


Single entry

  • You can buy a single ticket on the spot before the lesson 
  • 2 lessons ticket, to be used the same day

Season ticket

  • 10 entries /50 € / validity of 3 months
  • 25 entries / 100 € / validity of 3 months
  • We recommend that you buy the ticket at least 10 -15 minutes before the lesson
  • It is not possible to use the season ticket for the payment of monthly courses!
  • Notice: We do not compensate loss of season ticket. Please, keep it in a safe place!


Dance Freak Pass  - unlimited entry for all courses / 60 € / ticket valid only 1 month

     * do you attend lesson more than 3x per week ? 

    * unlimited entry for all our courses ( monthly and open lessons) from Monday till Thursday.

    * it's good for you to buy it the very first Monday of the new month


for more information please see : Price list of the courses