Najbližšie párty (Dance Club SALSA by Norika)

  • piatok 29.06./Cuban Night
  • piatok 06.07./Salsa Linea Night + Tančiareň v pomalom tempe

Novinky v júni-otvorené hodiny:

  • Bachata 1/ stredy o 18:00
  • Salsa-Pokročilí začiatočníci/stredy o 21:00 (praktizovací kurz vhodný od 2 do 3 mesiacov tancovania salsy)

Original T-shirts Salsa by Norika

katka b-misko tricka

You are no longer left with the only option of wearing out your own t-shirts during the dancing lectures:) We're offering you the opportunity to purchase the universal women/men's black t-shirts during the evening lessons at our Dance Club SALSA by Norika!:) 



Women's T-shirt:

  • there are trimmed with rhinestones title Salsa and Bachata
  • size M and L (S are sold out at the moment)
  • price: €15

Men's T-shirt:

  • with quality printing title Salsa and Bachata
  • size S, M, L
  • price: 12


Great fit, good quality material.... can be used during the don't need to use your clothes. :) 


You can purchase them during the following days and times:

Mondays, Tuesdays , Wednesdays, Thursdays from 7:00pm till 9:00pm  !