• Najbližšia párty 20.9./ Sensual Heaven (bachata&kizomba)
  • Novinky od septembra: Son , Salsa Linea on 2 , Bachata-štart, Bachata Sensual-štart
  • Dnes je výnimočne Lady Styling 1 o 18:00!


Our offer for every month includes


  • about 30 lessons per week
  • at least 5 different dance styles 
  • 8 dance levels covered by 13-member team Salsa by Norika
  • 3 guest instructors


For more details, lessons schedule, prices and application form, please visit the website http://www.norika.sk/en/kurzy-salsy-v-paroch


For a little inspiration to start dancing, watch the following video from our lessons :)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp3_Hd9hZAo