Najbližšie párty:

  • piatok 19.07./ Sensual Heaven
  • piatok 26.7./Cuban Night

V júli ponúkame  letné novinky formou otvorených hodín: Cha cha 1 a 2, Rueda de Casino 18.7.! POZOR! Kurz Kizomba 18.7. o 20:00 je zrušený!

Our offer for every month includes


  • about 30 lessons per week
  • at least 5 different dance styles 
  • 8 dance levels covered by 13-member team Salsa by Norika
  • 3 guest instructors


For more details, lessons schedule, prices and application form, please visit the website


For a little inspiration to start dancing, watch the following video from our lessons :)