• OZNAM: V týchto dňoch je Dance Club naďalej zatvorený.  
  • Zatiaľ iba od 2.11. do 8.11. môžeme organizovať individuálne hodiny do 6 osôb.
    (Podmienkou je negatívny test od 29.10. a rúška)
    Viac info o cene a spôsobe organizovania hodín, alebo akékoľvek iné otázky -napíšte tu: info@norika.sk
  • Všetky mesačné kurzy, zakúpené permanetky a Freak Passy vám samozrejme presunieme. Iné otázky a prosbičky (napr. vrátenie peňazí) píšte priamo Norike: info@norika.sk

Hot Tatras 22

Hot Tatras 2230.April - 03. May 2020- Hotel Grand**** Jasná, Low Tatras


You can now look forward to the next edition of “Big” Hot Tatras weekend, which is primarily intended for a little bit more experienced dancers. As usually, the event will feature the top of the international instructors and guests.


Registration from 15th December 2020!


Hotel Grand**** Jasna offers not only luxury premises, including modern and spacious congress halls, but also a cozy atmosphere thanks to its caring staff. At your disposal is a large wellness with some extra services provided specifically for us (water dispensers, latino drink list and a full board with significant discounts). The beauty of Low Tatras nature surrounding the hotel can be attractive for a walk between the workshops. The combination of relax and quality dance workshops will definitely appeal to our intermediate and advanced course attendants from all parts of Slovakia and abroad as well. Registration will be on 15 December 2019. Note that the first 20 packages will have discounted price!

We guarantee

* around 40 workshops in 4 levels in 4 dance halls

* up to 15 foreign and domestic instructors

* 2 parties in 3 dance halls + 1 Thursday casual party

* best DJs, program and animations

* extended stay from Thursday

* luxury accommodation

* full board at a high level

* wellness available

* Latino drink menu with discounted prices