• Najbližšia párty výnimočne v sobotu! 23.11./ Sensual Heaven
  • Vianočna párty 20.12. / Silvester 31.12.
  •  Kurzy prebiehajú do štvrtku 19.12. Od 23.12. 2019 do 06.01.2020  klub bude zatvorený! Kurzy začínajú od 07.01.2020!




monthly courses

Please, read carefully - general information

  • Whether the course opens depends on the number of registered persons. There is minimal and maximal capacity of the course.
  • The course consists of 4 lessons (exceptionally 5 or 3, depends on a month) teaching Salsa, Bachata, Rueda deCasino.
  • Throughout the whole duration of the course (1 month) it will not be possible for newcomers to join in so that we ensure the continuity of lessons.
  • You need not have a partner but of course coming in pair is always welcome. We do our best to ensure dancing couples.
  • It is required to fill in the registration form in advance
  • You can pay on the spot just before the first lesson
  • We do not compensate missed lessons in monthly courses!!!
  • It is not possible to join in from the second lesson!





Application form


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