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Cuban Salsa - Pre-intermediate 2 – level 4

Explanatory notes:

  • Open lessons: are a smooth continuation after the open lessons Pre-intermediate 1. 




  • Open classes in January,  at 7:00pm - 7:55pm (55min), hall 1



  • Open classes in January,  at 8:00pm - 8:55pm (55min), hall 1



What can you learn?

The basic figures are enriched with simple and most frequently used in the Cuban Salsa. In addition, you get the bases for development of your capabilities to improvise on the dance floor! Partners focus more on leading skills and ladies begin to twist little bit more.
Method of instruction: Cuban Salsa. To make it more interesting, we teach basic steps of  Bachata and Merengue at the beginning and at the end of the class.




Other options we offer?


  1. The repeating of the course with 30 % discount! This is valid only in the case, when you do not continue further! It is necessary to write in the application form (the note) - the repeating!
  2. The smooth continuation after the open course Pre-Intermediate 1 - difficult level is the course Pre-intermediate 2 - THE OPEN LESSONS - easier level.
  3. The smooth continuation after the open lessons - more difficult level of Pre-intermediate 2 (when you are bored) : Pre-intermediate 3
  4. If you are interested to combine the course very effective  - we recommend the monthly course Rueda de Casino 1 and Bachata 1 as a nice supplement ( the courses are open in differenet levels each month - it is necessary to follow the schedule of the courses)