Najbližšie párty:

  • piatok 19.07./ Sensual Heaven
  • piatok 26.7./Cuban Night

V júli ponúkame  letné novinky formou otvorených hodín: Cha cha 1 a 2, Rueda de Casino 18.7.! POZOR! Kurz Kizomba 18.7. o 20:00 je zrušený!




The courses are located in the following places in Bratislava,  the social club: Dance Club SALSA by Norika 

 (after the courses starts the dance house - until to 12:00pm )



Courses for the following dance styles:

  • Salsa in couples  Salsa Cubana (during first year we learn only the Cuban Salsa from beginners up to the advanced level, later also Salsa  Linea )
  • Salsa Linea  
  • Rueda de Casino (the dance game in a circle - Cuban Salsa  )
    Bachata in couples (the romantic dance -  european Bachata with the elements of Dominican Bachata)
  • Occasionally Lady and Men Styling (ladies and men separately-the special course for the improving in  the body movement )
  • Kizomba ( in 8-weeks courses)




Dance levels - Salsa in couples 

  1. beginners - only in the monthly course (the first month)
  2. temporary- only in the month course (the second month)
  3. pre-intermediate 1- only in the monthly course (the third month)
    pre-intermediate 1 - the open lessons (we recommend after the dance experience of 4-6 months )
  4. pre-intermediate 2 - the open lessons (6 months - 1 year)
  5. pre-intermediate 3 - the open lessons (ideally from 1 year )
  6. intermediate - the open lessons (soonest from 1,5 year, ideally from 2 years )
  7. advanced (this course opens occasionally as the monthly course- around 3 years of dancing)


Dance levels - Bachata in couples


  • Bachata 1 - the monthly course (we recommend after 2 months of Salsa dancing)
  • Bachata 2 - the monthly course (the smooth continuation of Bachata 1)
  • Bachata 3 - the open lessons (practise and always new material - we recommend to stay for 3-5 months, minimum)
  • Bachata 4 - the open lessons (the smooth continuation of Bachata 3)
  • Bachata 5 - the open lessons or as the monthly course, according to your needs (the smooth continuation of Bachata 4)



Dance levels  - Rueda de Casino


  • Starting with Rueda 1-the monthly course (suitable after 3 months of Salsa dancing in couples) up to Rueda  6