Najbližšie párty (Dance Club SALSA by Norika)

  • piatok 29.06./Cuban Night
  • piatok 06.07./Salsa Linea Night + Tančiareň v pomalom tempe

Novinky v júni-otvorené hodiny:

  • Bachata 1/ stredy o 18:00
  • Salsa-Pokročilí začiatočníci/stredy o 21:00 (praktizovací kurz vhodný od 2 do 3 mesiacov tancovania salsy)



Pondelok 25.06. v Dance Club SALSA by Norika (Tomášiková 34, Bratislava-Student House Medium Inn)



Dnes sú kurzy zamerané na bachatu a kubánsku salsu a kizombu...





Cuban Night & Slow tempo party

Cuban Night & Tančiareň v pomalom tempeFriday 23.06./Dance Club SALSA by Norika (Tomašiková 34-Student House)

Guest DJ Iko (SK)

☆ mix of cuban salsa ( priority) with bachata and kizomba. Till 11:00pm slow speed tempo, thenafter will change to faster one...


☆12:00pm  animations with DJ Iko


 We are looking forward to you!


Horúce Tatry 19

Horúce Tatry 19Kedy? 8.-9.-10.11. November 2018


Kde? hotel Grand**** Starý Smokovec


Kompletné informácie a registrácia od 01.07.2018!







Salsa for beginners

Salsa for beginnersFeeling down? Need to boost your mood or find new friends?

We've got an answer: SALSA!


It’s never too late to start dancing salsa in couples, so shed your inhibitions and join the salsa community already this month!


With the Salsa by NORIKA Dance School you will experience a lot of fun and will meet a lot of interesting people!





Gift voucher

Darčekový poukaz

No idea what kind of gift would suit your friends' or loved ones' desires?


Classes of salsa in the form of gift voucher is available for you all your long!


Especially as a Christmas present we have prepared a gift vouchers at a special price for you!   

Affordable gift can delight anybody with its originality:) 


You can purchase it at the Dance Club SALSA by Norika in the evening hours during the lessons, or we can send it to you via e-mail as well.





Original T-shirts Salsa by Norika

katka b-misko tricka

You are no longer left with the only option of wearing out your own t-shirts during the dancing lectures:) We're offering you the opportunity to purchase the universal women/men's black t-shirts during the evening lessons at our Dance Club SALSA by Norika!:) 




7 tips for "social dancing" 

7 tipov pre „Social Dancing“ we mean no offense ..  you do not have to agree with us .. we write about it on the basis of our many years of experience :-).


Main rules for helping out on courses

La Fiesta

  • Instructor can chose anybody disregarding his/her dance level

    You can offer help /men-ladies/ (as necessary), but only on courses 2 levels below your present dance level.

    People from lower dance level CANNOT help out on a course of a higher level.